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What is a Free Customer?

Basically a FREE Customer status means that the customer is registered, but has not upgraded their account. Customers in FREE status have some limitations. For example they can only send and receive 5 messages per 30 days. They can also only send and accept 5 friend invites per 30 days.

However this does not prevent the FREE customer from being able to add funds and make calls.

Why is this Important?

Because as you may have found out there are some customers that will waste a great deal of your time adding you as a friend and sending you countless messages. And since you are trying to make money and convert the initial conversation into a call you want to make the most of your time.

So why waste your time on someone that most likely not a 'serious' customer?

On every customer profile page you will see their status. It will show 'Free Customer' or 'Verified Customer'. The verified customers are the ones that have upgraded their account and have no limitations. They are also the most likely to actually spend money and not waste your time.