Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Latest Updates

We are always trying to find ways to make our service better and this includes new features, advertising campaigns and more.  Below is a list of recent features we have added to our website:

New Customer Funding Options
We have recently added several new customer deposit options. As many of you know Visa, Mastercard and Discover are the main preferred methods to add money online, but they come with some major drawbacks. This includes the possibility of fraud, identity theft, chargebacks and tons of processing and bank fees.

It's really unfortunate that there are not more options available for people working in the online industry. You would think by this time (2017 at the time of this post), that someone would have figured an alternative. Something that is both safe for the customer and for the merchant.

We recently had an issue with one of our customers that used our service then claimed that he did not know where the charges came from. Fortunately we were able to provide enough proof to defend the transactions. But this is only because we have spent a great deal of time, money and work on monitoring and tracking all sales.

Most likely this customer has played this same game on several other sites and because of this those sites probably lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Because if these issues we have added safer billing methods including Bitcoin, WU, check, money order, moneygram and moneypak. We hope this provides customers with more security.

Newsletter Feature
Staying in touch with your friends and attracting new friends is vital to maintaining long-term success as a performer. To help with this we have added a newsletter feature that enables you to create, send and save newsletters to existing friends, or send the newsletter to an external email list!

From your performer inbox you will see a 'Newsletter' tab. By clicking on that tab you will be guided to your newsletter management system. It is very easy to use.

There are 2 options:

  • Send Newsletter to Friends: This option will send the newsletter to all of your friends and you can even save the newsletter and re-send it as needed.
  • Send Newsletter to Email List: This option will allow you to create a newsletter and send it to an email list (as many emails as you wish). Just as the friend newsletter you will be able to save the message so it can be re-sent as needed.
  • Newsletters are a great way to keep your friends and contacts updated. The newsletters you create are strictly confidential and secure, and with the ability to save each newsletter you can easily open an existing message, edit and re-send at the click of a mouse!

    New Media Features
    We have completed a HUGE upgrade on our media management system! Previously performers could upload galleries, audio files, videos and blog posts. But now will have added some really nice enhancements such as:

    - Upload images from file, webcam or upload image file to private library.
    - Upload videos from file or record video from webcam. Performers can also upload videos to a private library to be used later.
    - Ability to download, edit and embed all videos.
    - Post images to blog by file upload or webcam picture.
    - Post audio messages by file upload or record from live webcam.

    We have also included a brand new 'Media Library' section. This is a private media management section available to performers where they can upload images, videos and audios and manage this content (download, embed, obtain direct link, etc.).

    Performer's can also access their private media library when posting a new gallery, video or audio!

    Quick Send Message Feature
    We have enhanced our friend sidebar widget to allow you to easily send a quick message to friends! You can see your friends status and click on the 'send message' button. From there you can send a quick message to your friend.

    New Friend Sidebar Widget
    We have added a new sidebar widget that will appear when you log into your account. The sidebar widget has two tabs; the first tab will display all of your friends and their current status. For example if 20 of your friends are currently logged in they will display at the top of the sidebar widget and be highlighted in green.

    The second tab shows ALL online users. This means that if you are new and seeking friends you will be able to instantly see everyone who is logged in (both customers and performers). You can then send friend requests and receive notifications when the friend request is accepted.

    You can also send quick messages to your friends from the sidebar widget. All you have to do is click on the friend's 'send message' button and you can send a message!

    New Friend Network added to
    Networking is the key to success in both the business world and in the naughty little webcam and phone sex world. Plus it's fun to build up a network of friends. So we added a really cool new feature that will allow you to send friend requests to all users in your category. This includes both customers and performers.

    For example if you are a performer and your category is 'MILF' then when you login you will see other MILFs that you can send friend requests to. But you can also click on our new 'advanced friend search' section and now seek out all users that match your category. You can even search for categories that are related to your category; like Mature, GILF, etc.

    Once a friend request is accepted you will be able to send that new friend messages and view their online status.

    Friend Requests
    One of the most important aspects of success on is building a friend network. This means building a network of friends that contain BOTH customers and performers. Now you may think that adding other performers (if you are a performer) may be a bad idea, but here's why it's a good idea.

    Your profile image and link to your profile page appears on your friend's page (and vise versa). So in a way it is a link exchange. This is very effective in building your profile page traffic and drawing more attention to your page.

    You can even find more friends by visiting our advanced friend search section located within your admin panel.