Phone Chat

Phone Chat

Phone chat can be a very exciting and erotic experience. If you have not talked to a phone sex operator then you might want to consider giving it a try. Do you have any fantasies that you don't feel comfortable telling your girlfriend or wife? We'll phone chat is the perfect way to explore these fantasies in a safe and private environment.

But first you need to find the right website. One that does not record your phone calls and does not share your personal details. You also need a website that does not censor your conversation and let's you discuss any topic, no matter how extreme it may be.

You might think that this is normal when it comes to phone sex, but the fact is most phone sex services record calls and track your personal details so they can sell them to other companies and individuals. We know this to be a fact because we have been in the phone sex business for over 12 years. There are several services that will even sell you their list of customer emails and phone numbers. It's their way of making extra money, but we consider it to be an extreme violation of your privacy.

That's why at we never share your personal details, calls are never recorded and our phone sex performers cannot access your real name or phone number. You are completely protected and thus free to talk about any subject without the fear of being blackmailed later on. You might think that last part is a bit extreme, but we have know of several cases (mostly small PSO companies) that use the customer's private details to later blackmail them for more money. As you can probably imagine it is a terrifying thought.

That's why we place your privacy and protection as our number one goal. We'll I suppose we have several number goals and the other is to provide you with the absolute best in erotic phone chat. We seek out the best phone sex performers that fit all kinds of categories.

Did you know that we currently have over 100 different phone sex categories? These range from simple conversation (GFE) to extreme fetish topics, many that would not even be allowed on most phone sex services.

Wht spend your evening alone when you could be talking to a horny MILF or a sexy innocent teen girl who wants to have a little fun while her parents are out for the evening? Do you have some favorite videos that you like to watch online? You can send the link to our phone sex performers and she can describe in detail everything in the video as you both watch it together.

Phone Chat is the BEST Sexual Experience Offered at

Phone Chat

Not sure how to get started? We'll once you register all you have to do is click on any of the phone sex call packages from a phone sex performer that you wish to speak to. Some offer free phone sex numbers as samples, but most require that you pay for the call. If you don't have money in your account you can easily and discreetly add funds by credit card or by an offline alternative method.

Once you click on the order link an automated call will go out to the chosen phone sex operator and she will have to answer the call and verify that she is available. Don't worry - this is free because we want to make sure the PSO is by the phone and ready for you. Once the PSO confirms the call you will see a notification stating that the performer is available, along with a phone number and calling code.

Just dial that phone number and enter the calling code. You will then be connected to the phone sex performer and the call will continue for the entire length that you bought (for example a 10 minute call package will last 10 minutes). You will even see a countdown clock so you can see how much time you have left.

It's easy and extremely fun. So why not try something new? Hope to see you tonight!

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