Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to make our website easy to understand, but due to the complexity of all the features involved it can be a bit of a challenge during the first few days. This is why we catalog a list of commonly asked questions in the hopes of helping you understand what our website is about and how you can profit from it.

What exactly is  We are a pay per call phone sex website.  But more than that we are a full social networking site where you can register, make friends, send messages, attach media (images, videos, audio, post to our main shout board and on your friend's profile pages, create galleries, videos and much more.

How can I use  Well it depends on what your interests are:  If you want to talk to Phone Sex  Performers then you would need to register as a customer.  Customers can create a public profile, send friend requests, chat via our message system, add money and connect to PSO's listed on our website.  If you are interested in making money as a Phone Sex Operator then you can register as a performer.  You will then be guided through a short set-up wizard and once completed your account will be LIVE and ready to go!

If I register as a PSO will any of my personal details be displayed?  No, absolutely not.  That is unless you actually enter your REAL name as your stage name.  Otherwise all details including your phone number (where you want to receive calls), you email, etc. are all 100% protected and not visible to the customers.

If I register as a customer will any of my personal details be displayed?  No, we take your privacy VERY seriously.  The only way that your personal details could be seen is if you provide them to a performer.  Otherwise all details including your phone number, you email, etc. are all 100% protected and not visible to the performers.

If I register as a customer will my credit card be billed automatically?  No, we do not charge your card unless you choose to deposit funds into your account.  Basically this is how it works; you register as a customer and make friends, send messages, etc. all for free.  Then when you want to talk LIVE on the phone with one of our Phone Sex Performers you will be directed to a secure payment page where you can enter your card details and the amount you wish to deposit.  The money is then added to your account instantly and you can now use it to purchase a pay per call package from one of the PSOs.

I want to register as a PSO.  How will I know when a customer orders a pay per call?  Once you register as a performer on our network you will have to create call packages.  This is an easy process where you enter a title, description, length of time and price.  For example you may wish to create a call package for 10 minutes and set the cost to $10.00.  The new call package will now appear on your public profile page and on the main call options board.  Customers will then be able to click on the call package to order it.  Here's what happens when a customer clicks to order the call package:  You will receive an automated call from us letting you know that a customer is trying to order a 10 minute call (or whatever the length of the call he is ordering).  You will then be given the option to press 1 to accept, or 2 to reject.  *At that point the call will disconnect because the first call is just a verification call.  If you press 1 the customer will receive an online notification that you have accepted the call and he will see a toll free number to dial along with a unique calling code.  The customer then dials the toll free number and enters the calling code.  The call will ring to you through our system and you will hear a greeting asking you to press 1 to accept the call.  Once you do the call is connected.  You will see the profit sales from the call instantly once the call is completed.

Why do I have to answer and accept the verification call?  Because we do not want the customer's account to be debited if you are not available.  The verification call is a quick and easy way for the customer to see if you are actually by your phone and available to accept the call.

I'm a customer and I want to order a call package.  Will my account be debited if the Phone Sex Operator does not answer?  No.  When you order the call package we will send an automated call to the performer.  She will have to answer the call and press 1 to verify that she is available.  You will then see a toll free number and code to enter.  Your account is still not debited at this point.  After you dial the number and enter the calling code the performer will have to answer the call and press 1 to accept.  Only then, when you are actually connected, will your account be debited.

What happens when I run out of minutes?  If you are a customer and you ordered (for example) a 10 minute call package from a performer, then you will see a countdown clock while you are talking to the performer.  This will let you know exactly how much time you have remaining on the call.  You will be given an option to extend the call buy purchasing another call package and if you do so the call will continue uninterrupted.  However you must choose to do this.  If you do not then the call will automatically end after the 10 minutes is up.  Your credit card will not be charged because the funds for the call come out of your account, not your credit card.

I registered as a PSO on your website but have not heard anything back:  Most likely this is due to an incomplete registration or you did not call our voice sample line.  Of course you can always contact us to find out for sure, but those two reasons are usually the issue.  We try to reach out and let PSOs know if they missed something on the registration, but sometimes we are a little too busy.  Plus the registration and voice recording are 2 important factors in how we gauge your desire to actually work at being a PSO.  If you are not willing to put the effort in, the we won't approve you.