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Vivienne Valentine, Sex Witch: Give Me Your Will, and I Give You Everything!

Listen for approximately 15 minutes and you will never be the same... this is a spell woven to:

  • bend you to my will,
  • release you of your inhibitions and that pesky conscience,
  • give you the freedom that only comes when you hand over responsibility and agency to another. 
  • It will heighten your climaxes, not just during the spell, but every subsequent climax, because you have been ensorcelled now to feel extreme pleasure and associate it with this place and with me. 
  • You will be given a compulsion, so that you will know when you carry it out that the spell has worked on you, and you are truly and thoroughly enchanted and under my power -- and that produces a sense of euphoria in you. 

Listen, and be transformedListen, and be set freeListen, and let the sex witch enchant you into the hardest cum of your life, and know they will only get better from here!