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Used young

This is Tran and I didn’t have a great life as a little girl. I was from a very poor family that didn’t have much and I guess I was just an inconvenience to my family. I didn’t know till I was much older that my family actually sold me to become a slave. They were paid lots of money for me as I was a very young girl and was worth so much in so many ways. I thought I was kidnapped and taken from my family but as I said later in my life I found that not to be true.

I was taken and put in a room with lots of other girls my age some older and of course some younger. Older girls tried to help and comfort me telling me I would do best if I listen to our new daddy and do whatever they tell you to do. She continued to say you won’t like stuff but you will get hurt if you say no or don’t do it. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I thought what she said. First our daddy came and took all of us into a big room where we had to work to make things before we got anything to eat. This wasn’t so bad and I thought it was ok. Later that night daddy took me and one of the older girls into a room alone and told me there was more I was to do and it was time to show me and teach me how I will earn my keep. The older girl acted as if it was nothing she pulled out daddy’s big hard dick and showed me how to stroke it up and down then she said this is “yum yum” you still little you just do “yum yum” she then started putting daddy dick in her mouth and sucking it. Now she told me you do yum yum to daddy. I didn’t want to and said no, daddy got really mad and hit me then he took me buy the neck and forced it in my mouth. Daddy told me you do yum yum like good girl, daddy put it in my mouth a lot and really far until cream cam out daddy said you drink it all and clean daddy up. After he was done another man came in and daddy told me to do yum yum to him like a good little girl so I started to do yum yum to that man too, then this man took the older girl to the bed and daddy told me this is “bam bam” when your a little older you will do this too now you just do yum yum. The man started sticking his dick in the older girls pee hole she just lay there and let him you could see she crying a little but just let the man do it to her. When the man was done daddy gave us both food and told us we were done for the night. The older girl and me ate our food I asked her how much we have to do that she said if your lucky only 1 or 2 men a day but sometimes there are too many men to remember. She said all you have to do now is yum yum it will be a little bit before daddy lets someone bam bam you. The next day after we finished our work all the girls went in a room and there were men there looking to buy us for the night. Daddy had all the little girls like me on one side and older ones on the other. He told the men these girls just yum yum and these girls yum yum bam bam. There were so many men I was picked soon this time it was by a big man he took me by the arm into a room and never said anything he just pulled out his dick and put it in my face. I knew what I had to do so I yum yum the man. This man was mean and rough he pushed it in my mouth till I vomit and still just kept doing it. This went on till he creamed in my mouth then he left and it wasn’t long before another and another and another guy did it to me too. This became my life everyday for what seemed like forever. Then a day came when daddy told me I know your still very little but this man is going to pay me lots of money so you are his for the whole night but tonight is your big night this man is going to be your first bam bam remember don’t make daddy man and try to fight the man. This man took me to a hotel room and had me do yum yum and touched me and got me naked he gave me a bath and kissed my pee pee and then he started to put his dick in me and do bam bam. It hurt so much I was crying and screaming no no this man didn’t care he kept putting it in me deeper and deeper telling me he bought me and will do as he wants with me. This man did this to me many more times before he was done with me and took me back to daddy. Daddy told me your big girl now you can do yum yum and bam bam daddy will try you later. This was the worst night of my life and I didn’t think it could be worse but this just started my life of hell