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The learning continues

It has been a few days now since my little princess Melissa had her first introduction to any sexual experience. She really did seem to like it but mommy hadn’t asked or pushed to see if she wanted to do it again or if she really did like it. Again Melissa is very very young and I still am not so sure if she is ready for more or if she really liked what mommy had her do. I told Melissa to get ready as we were going to the laundry mat to do our clothes. We always go to the one up the road that is attached to a restaurant because we can walk there and Melissa like to eat there. This is were we know and see the nice man (Andy) st that played with Melissa. As we were going Melissa asked me do you think Andy will be there, I wasn’t sure if she wanted to see him or not after he played with her, but I said he probably is as I think he eats there everyday. She said goody goody I can’t wait to see him. Then Melissa asked me mommy mommy do you think he could come over again today? I said princess if you would like him to come over I am sure he would love to come play again. We got to the laundry mat and got all our stuff going then went into the restaurant sure enough Andy was sitting in the boath he always was Melissa ran up and gave him a hug he asked if we wanted to join him. Before I could even answer Melissa already got in the boath on the side with Andy. Do I said sure and sat across from them. We talked snd had lunch and of course Melissa asked him if he wanted to come over, the nice man Andy said how much he wanted to play again. We talked more and Andy told me he thought a lot about what I said when he left( I whispered in his ear I wanted him to go in my little princess) he then said he would love to play and experience that. He paused and said it doesn’t have to happen today he is willing to go slow. I then told him once Melissa is broken in mommy plans to pay the rent with her sweet little ass. He kinda looked at me and said if the rent is what worries you I have a deal for you. I said really what’s that. Andy said if I get her all to myself I have a duplex up the road in a better area much nice then where you live now even has laundry and as long as I can play with Melissa sometime you and her could live there for free including your utilities. I wasn’t sure if he was serious so I said really can we see it he said yes after your laundry is done we can take a ride it is vacant now. After we finished lunch he took us to the house and wow it was kinda everything I had ever dreamed of for me and Melissa. Melissa was really excited that she would have her own room and that there was a pool and in the other half of the duplex Andy lived. Seemed think this was going to be the deal of a lifetime and Melissa would only have to play with one man that she already liked. I asked Andy if he had a bedroom and we could play. He was excited took us next door and took us to his room. Melissa quickly got naked on the bed and Andy crawled between her leg and started eating her sweet little pussy. I am shocked and amazed how love and how much Andy really seem to love her pussy. After he finished he asked Melissa if she wanted to touch and play with him again. Melissa giggles and says yes that was fun. So he took off his pants and let Melissa see and touch his hard dick again. She stroked it and sucked it as best she could Andy asked her if he could put the cream in her mouth again she said yes she would try to take more this time. Soon Andy blew his load in Melissa mouth and was very happy. Andy asked if Melissa wanted to go swimming in the indoor pool before he took us home. She of course did do the three of us went in the pool. Andy and I talked about our deal and when I could move in. He said he would get it all furnished for me and get this great princess room done for Melissa. I told him on her first night I wanted to see him cum in Melissa pussy and she was going to be his little play toy anytime he wanted.
hope you enjoy and look for more adventures of my little princess Melissa