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Short Penis Humiliation; The Betting Pool

You see a lot of different men coming and going at the gym. So much so, after a while, you can tell things about them like, who’s gay, who’s married, who’s having an affair and even who has a short penis. The ones with a short penis are not necessarily the ones you would think. They come in all different forms. What makes you notice a short dick man is how they act. They’re the ones who are consistent with their work out, lift heavy, and tend to wear loose basketball shorts but a tight compression shirt, (or no shirt at all). Also, they have a little too much confidence. Not smug, or entitled just too much confidence.

My girlfriends and I have a little betting pool about men at the gym.


SPH - The Betting PoolIt’s not for all of them, just mainly the closet gay ones and of course, the one with a short penis. Now, when you are making a bet about someone sexual preference, it’s easy to find the answer. All that really has to be done is to flirt, openly hit on them, or sometimes just ask. I haven’t really run into a gay man lately who is ashamed to be gay.

Trying to find out the winner of the short penis pool is a little more tricky. Most of the time we can slip someone into the men’s showers and find that answer. You know, we pay off one of our Bulls, (when I say pay off,  it doesn’t always mean money) and they follow you, “size” you up, and come back with the results. Other times though, a man with a short penis avoids the showers. When that happens, we have to resort to more creative tactics.

What’s great about a man with a short penis is how easily they are swayed. All you have to do is flirt, tease, and yes, led them on and next thing you know, they are letting you tie them up thinking they are about to have some kinky sex.

Of course, that’s exactly what’s happened to you.

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