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Sexy Intern

I was finishing up my shift with my internship, and I sropped by your office to see if their was anything you needed before I left.  I could tell you were frazzled and just told me you wanted a cup of coffee, but I knew you just needed to unwind.  I mean you've been couped up in your office for almost a week straight.  I go get your coffee, while you pace back and forth in your office.  when I get back I hand you your coffee and ask if you wanted to grab a bite and give you a sexy grin, and out of nowhere you respond, "how bout you grab and I bite?" I felt like I should be offended, but I was curious and turned on, so I lunged toward you and grabbed your cock.  It was alreasy hard for me; you leaned in to kiss me, and I shoved my tongur deep into your mouth.  You unhooked my bra and slid my spaghettti string dress down to the floor.  You bend down and sure enough start biting on my nipples.  I grab tight onto your cock through your pants.  I hear you moaning as I work my hand up and down your cock.  You throw me down ou your sofa, drop to your knees and pull my panties aside and shove your tongue deep inside my tight wet pussy.  You start rubbing my clit with your thumb, while you llick up and down my pussy.  My pussy gets wetter with every stroke of your tongue. I grab my nipples and start pinching them while you lick my pussy.  It feels so good.  I wrap my legs around you head to pull you in closer, I can hear you lapping up my juices,and it makes me wetter.  Just before I'm about to cum, you pull my panties all the way off, and you start to undress.  Then you stand up and stick you hard cock on face, and I just have to grab it and shove it in my mouth. I can feel every vein pulsing and throbbing in my mouth, you grab me by the back of the head and push me further down your cock.  You taste so good, and your cock is so hard.  I grab it and stroke it while sucking the head of your cock.  I can feel you about to cum, so I stop and bend over the couch, I turn my head, look you in the eyes and tell you to fuck me.You give me a sly grin and shove your cock deep inside me from behind.  You feel so good punding that hard cock of yours in and out of my tight wet pussy.  Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.  Pound my pussy, it's so wet for you.  You start grunting as you pound your hard cock in and out of me, grabbing my perky tits, and pinching my nipples.  I can feel my juices running sown my leg as you keep fucking me. You feel so good, I am so close to cumming.I can feel you cock throb, and I know you're close too.  Cum in me, I want your cum so bad.  Oh my god I'm gonna cum so hard, but before I do you pull out and turn me around you start sucking my pussy again, It feel so good, I can't help myself, I almost  imediately cum all over your face.  You swallow every drop, I want you cum so bad I pull you onto the coffee table my you cock and get on top of you, I lower my tight wet pussy down onto your hard shaft and ride up and down on it it. harder, and faster.  you feel so good, baby, I want you to cum for me.  Cum for me baby, then all of a sudden I feel your balls get titght, then your hot load shoot deep inside my aching pussy, and I cum again, while your cumming deep inside me.  I hope you liked your coffee, I gotta go, bye