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Purple Faced Midnight mistake

So there are times, times when my husband has been away for work. That my inner desires really begin to take hold of me.  No matter how much i masturbate i cant help but find myself, in the middle of the night, standing there in the door way and looking at your pert small cock stiff as a bone.  So many times i have cum watching the nightly show of it growing hard, the moaning, the tossing. I used to worry you would wake up and see me standing there wiht my dildo buried deep inside me, my milky tits dripping with excitement.  But after doing this for the last 4 months i know you wont wake up. So i watch. I touch myself. I resist my urge to straddle over that tiny cock and let it finish off inside me. Spraying my insides with its sticky white cream.   Tonight something is different, i must taste that cum for the first time, i dont care if i wake you up...I step over to yuor bed and see that tiny cock head just oozing cum.  I take my finger and scoop a little up. MMMMM, it tastes amazing......i scoop more and i accidently touch tthe heasd of your cock. You squirm and release a massive flow i have never seen before.  Instinctively i straddle over you and sit down, my gaping worn hole absorbing your tiny penis and all of your cum pours into my body.  Your eyes open as i feel that stiff pinky sized penis squirt even more, so hot and so deep into my womb.  I reach down, horrified at your awakening and find my hands tightening on your throat............your purple face and massive cum impregnating me as i put you to sleep fro the last time........