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Naughty Boys Need Love Too; Spankings & Breast Worship

Naughty boys are a dime a dozen. In fact, every man has a naughty boy hiding inside of them. Most though are with women who think that a naughty boy is either a pervert, or just wants to have sex and that's all. For most naughty boys, that's true.

There are the naughty boys who are naughty because they want their punishment.

I think the naughtier the better when it comes to naughty boys. When I catch one staring at my breasts, or find out one needs to cum in my panties, I honestly get a thrill. Why? Because it means I get to punish them, and giving punishments are the highlight of my day.

Let's talk about punishments though. Not every naughty boy needs a harsh punishment. Oh yes, there are the ones that want to be humiliated, exposed, and more but there are the ones who just need a little extra love with their punishments. A gentle hand so to speak. I've found if you meet one of these naughty boys, one way to really mix punishment with pleasure is to cradle them in my arms. I'll press them against my bare breast, and give them spankings while they suckle and worship my lady pillows. Running my nails down their naked body, teasing their flesh. Raising my hand over their naughty bum and slapping down harshly and suddenly.

Oh how they suck harder when they feel that slap.

Oh course, there is more than breast worship and spankings for some of these naughty boys. Some enjoy a bit of penetration. Holding him while he suckles gives me access to not only spanking him, but, to that tight hole between those rosie cheeks. To put it to you straight, I have plenty of toys.

Like I said, naughty boys need love too, and I'm more than willing to give them everything they need to feel that love.

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