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My Secret Desires

I have a secret! When you and I are in a room together, I get hot. I get so horny, that I can’t keep my mind from wondering about how good you and I could be together. 

I think about how I want to feel your sexy lips on my soft lips. I wonder what it would feel like to have you kiss every inch of my body. To feel your strong hands tug my hair as you pull my head back to expose my neck and chest up for your enjoyment. To know what it would be like to have you explore every inch of my body with your hands. I get so wet thinking about it. 

I think about you taking me on the table that separates us while we are sitting here in this room.  I imagine what it would be like to be with you at your home, on your bed to really let myself give into my animalistic lust and desire for you.  I have to contain myself right now here in front of all of these people around us, and be a good girl, but I’m the good girl who wants to be oh so bad with you.  Oh so dirty. 
I want to jump on top of you and ride your strong hard cock while I squeeze my pussy muscles together while I’m grinding my pussy on top of you, while I squeeze every inch of your cock, and you play with my big soft breast and cup them in your hands, while you drive me wild.

I imagine you taking control of me. Using me. Enjoying me. Playing with me and bending me to your will. As you enjoy yourself with me while we passionately give into our most deviant desires. I imagine myself sitting on the edge of the table while you spread my legs, and kiss my face, and play with my hair. As I rub my hands up and down your back as I lightly scratched you underneath your shirt. And running my fingers through your hair. I imagine myself pleasing you with so much enthusiasm, that you can’t contain yourself for too long, which will lead you to explode with pleasure deep inside of my tight warm wet pussy, that now salivates for your cock.

Just sitting here thinking about all of the ways that I can get you off, and fulfill all of your dirty and naughty desires gets me so worked up, and it makes me desire you even more that I thought possible. 

I wonder, what it would be like to be your girl, the girl that makes every single one of your dreams come true! The girl that drives you as crazy with desire as you drive me. The one you lust for moment after moment, and the one who gets to live out all of your desires with you.

And I more than anything I wonder, “Do you think about me too?” 

Sexy Sarah