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My first period

This is a story about my first period but really it also is about so much more and the story needs to tell you everything leading up to me actually getting my period. So I had a best friend Mariah and she spent a lot of time with her dad who lived close to my house I could walk over. Her dad was divorce and I thought he was cute but I guess at my young age and not having a dad in my life I did like the attention he would give me. So I would spend lots of time at Mariah house and lots of overnights. One night Mariah was sick and went to bed early and I was up and watching tv with her dad and talking. He had told me how much I was growing up and how cute I had gotten I really hadn’t thought anything about it again he was my best friends dad and I spent a lot of time there. He told me he was going to go in the hot tub for a while and asked me if I wanted to join him. I kinda wanted to but I didn’t have a swimsuit with me, when I told Andy that he said you could just go in your bra and undies....then I thought joking he say or after all it’s like taking a bath you could just go naked. I pause for a minute not sure what to say I really wasn’t sure after all I was sure he had seen Mariah naked so not like he didn’t know what I would look like, but I also have see his daughter naked and know she has bigger boobs then me and more hair because she has already gotten her period. I asked him you wouldn’t mind if I was in there naked? He looked at me and said I really wouldn’t see you in the water, you can go get in before I do and I can get out first too. I kinda thought he was excited about seeing me naked so now I was doing it for sure. This is the night where Andy went from my best friends dad to my boyfriend. Once we were in the water he got close and told me how cute I was and he touched and went under the water and kissed my little virgin pussy hole. I loved when he did this, the rest of the night we played and I touched his dick the first one I ever had touched. After this night Andy and I spent more and more time together kissing and playing, my mom really didn’t pay attention to what weekend and times Andy had his daughter Mariah so I would often spend the night even when she wasn’t there. Finally after playing and being very sexual with Andy I decided to let him take my virginity and it was really special for both of us that night he had even cleaned up my cherry with my dirty panties and had me sign them and he put them in a bag to keep. He told me he always wanted to remember that day as I was the best sex he ever had and was better then anyone else. I felt so special and we continue to have sex for weeks and months again I would stay all the time. Nothing new I was spending the night over there but this time I finally got my period for the first time, I wasn’t sure if he would be mad that I did or what but no instead I think Andy was more excited that I was starting to bleed. He asked me if I remembered how I bleed when he first put his dick in me and of course I did it hurt and I had no clue what was happening, so I said yes of course I do.  He said it will be fun like that night again to do you while your bleeding. All I thought and asked is will it hurt like it did that night Andy replied no baby that was only the first time you will love it like all the rest of the times. Oh my when we got naked in the bedroom I swear his dick seemed even bigger and harder the the first time I let him take my virginity. Let me tell you wow it was amazing letting Andy have sex with me while I was having my first period, again it was strange like the first time we had sex he cleaned me and his dick with my panties and put them in a bag to keep and wrote on it and had me sing the bag. It was hot thinking he likes to remember and keep these of mine. Andy told me now  that I got my period he plans to breed me so I can give him a little girl of our own. I guess we will see what keeps happening but I sure do love having Andy as my boyfriend and having sex with him

hope you enjoyed the story