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Mommy Incest Surprise

It was a quite a good day, i have been away on business for a week now, cant wait to get home to my husband, and young ones. Is almost 6pm, I can be home in an hour, if i drive fast enough. I am so horny, all i can do is finger my pussy, and rub my mommy tits, as I anticipate getting home to my husband. I am not going to call home, I want to surprise him and my little family. I opend the front door, looked around but dont see anyone here, but wait, i hear something upstairs. I know they are probably relaxing in their rooms. I will go see my husband first, hopefuly i can get to fuck him good, before i see my young ones and get distracted. 
I opend the bedroom door, i couldnt believe me eyes! my husband with our young daugther, in our bed, naked, his licking her little bald, pussy. He was so in to it, he didnt realise i had entered our room. I quietly hid behind the curtain, listening and watching for about 15 minutes, all while getting turned on. I couldnt believe i was actually enjoing, watching my husband, rub and touch our very young daugther in such a sexual way. How dare him? i tought, but still rubbing my pussy, getting highly excited. I decided to come out quietly walked behind him, and whispering in his ear, i said, hi baby, please dont stop, keep eating her bald pink pussy. 
He looked back at me, and said, really? I said, yes! please do, i can see she loves it, and is really turning me on. He smiled and now more eagerly, ate his very young dauthers pussy. I was so turned on, couldnt help to tell my him, to give mommy a taste of that pretty, young hairless pussy. Our dauther was moaning with pleasure, daddy asked her, do you like mommy licking your little pussy? is she making that little pussy wet? she said, mmmmm yes i do daddy. Great! daddy said, now mommy and daddy both, can make your little body feel good together. To hear him say that, made my mommy pussy throb, i looked up at him and said, baby her little pussy taste so good. I am glad we can sexually use our young dauther as we please. His cock got even harder, he placed it in our very young daugthers mouth, and she started sucking daddies hard dick.
I moved tours him and grabed his hard, daddy dick, and jerked it right in to our dauthers little mouth. Finger her little pussy baby, make her wet, rub her pretty little clit, finger her little ass hole, give me a taste of her little juices of your fingers. Oh damn!! he said, and came so hard in her little mouth, and all over my hands, mmmmmmm such a good girl swallowing all of daddies warm and sweet cum. Thank you baby i am so glad you turned out to love incest. You should of shared this with me, a long time ago, now we can have much perverted incest family love.