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Melissa’s 1st slumber party

More and more time has passed at the new house and playing with Andy. Baby Melissa is really loving play time with both mommy and Andy. She has really come a long way and I find she is the one that often wants to start play time. As most of you may or may not know obviously I was young myself when I had Melissa in fact I was still in high school. There were a few other girls that also had kids like I did in high school. One girl in particular I still talk to as she was a party girl and into stuff like me. She also has a little girl and her little girl is only 9 month younger the baby Melissa. We had talked and I had told her about the place I was living and how great I had it now.

She kinda gave me a weird look and said how do you have it so good last time I talked to you, you were in that dump and turning trick to even make it you now have a magic pussy or what? I told her well your not that far off I don’t have a magic pussy, but just like I do you have the perfect little magic kitty at your side. She kinda looked at me and said really your making money off your baby girl? I have often been offered money for guys to touch and but on my daughter Addison but I guess I have never considered it. The girls played together at the play place as we talked more and I explain my deal and relationship with Andy.

I told her I often was offered and considered it but till take first instance it was just thoughts. It really has been different with Andy and he is just one guy playing and touching her, other then what Melissa and mommy do together. She seemed very interested and wondered if her tiny little baby Addison would like it to and try. I suggested to her since the girls were getting along so good that my baby Melissa could have her 1st slumber party with Addison and we could test the waters. She said that sounds good I don’t know about Melissa but Addison still uses pull up as she isn’t potty trained. I said that’s not a problem Melissa has done really good and really only were a pull up to bed. So we went and asked the girls if they would like a sleepover and they both said yes Melissa had already told Addison about her princess room and that she has a pool at home. They were both excited so we went and got Addison a bag and went home. The girls played a while at the house and soon went to the pool it didn’t take like my before Andy saw us at the pool and had to come and see who this new tiny little princess is. He came down and made small talk Melissa was quick to say this is my friend Addison and we are having a sleep over tonight. Andy was all eyes on Addison and told her he thought her hello kitty pull ups were really cute.

She giggled and said I like hello kitty do you? Andy smiled and looked at baby Melissa and said I love hello kitty(obviously he was telling Melissa he loved her pussy since call it her kitty). Melissa asked Andy if he was going to play in the pool too he said yeah that would be fun I will go get my suit on. Melissa said I am just going in naked why don’t you too. Andy kinda looked at me to see how I thought and I quickly said sounds good to me I am going naked too. Addison was already just in a pull up and Andy went over by her and asked me if he could take her pull up off. I told him of course he could, he was so happy when he got her pull up off and got a look at her fat little baby pussy lips. He picked her up and brought her into the water being sure to touch all over he little body. As she was even younger then Melissa she didn’t mind even when he touched her tiny kitty. Melissa stroked and played with Andy’s hard dick as he was taking interest in Addison.

When it was time for the girls to get out of the pool I took and carried Addison and Andy picked up Melissa and we carried them to my room and put them both on the bed and dried them off. I told Melissa it was meow meow time but this time she should try it on Addison not mommy. Melissa told Addison to open her legs as she was laying on the bed she started to lick and kiss her new tiny friends kitty. Andy and I watched them for a while before Andy got on the bed and put Melissa on his face so she was riding him and he was enjoying her tasty kitty as she licked little Addison. I decided after Addison was really liking it it was time to let Andy taste her tiny little hole so I told Melissa to ride the pony and she went back onto Andy’s dick instead of his face and I picked up Addison and put her into Andy’s face. Andy loved both girls riding him he even started to rub and play with there tiny nipples. Andy asked if Addison could ride the pony he told me he wanted to blow his load on Addison’s tiny kitty. I told Melissa to go back on his face and I picked up Addison and put her up on Andy’s dick and started moving her around on it. Andy was so happy Addison wasn’t sure but wiggled and giggled and soon Andy blow a big load of cum all over Addison’s tiny kitty.

Addison wasn’t sure what happen and cried at little I told her it was ok and I would clean her up I put little Addison on her back and licked all the cum out of her. We cleaned both girls up and got some food and Andy told be he wants to play more tonight. Addison seemed to like it so we will see where this goes but I sure think this is the best little slumber party ever