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Little princess continues to learn

It has been a few months now since my little princess baby Melissa and I moved into the other half of Andy’s duplex rent free. Well at least not costing me any money. I have been teaching baby Melissa lots of stuff even when Andy is not over playing. It became obvious that I needed to teach Melissa and name her sweet little pussy so we could talk about it. Well I decided because it would be innocent to call it her kitty. Since she seemed to love that mommy started calling it meow meow time whenever she wanted to be licked, but mommy took it one step further and had baby Melissa start doing meow meow to mommy. Oh her tiny little tongue was so good and she seemed to like meow meow time with mommy. Now I eventually included Andy in the mommy play time as well and would let Melissa sit on and ride Andy’s face as she was meow meowing my juices out of my pussy.  I have been teaching baby Melissa soooo much more she has learned to love to do pony rides that’s what we call it when I put her naked up on top of Andy’s dick so she just wiggles and moves around getting used to his dick between her legs, and yes of course Andy blows a big load of cum all over her kitty every time she rides the pony. Mommy who if you remember wasn’t interested in Andy herself have found she gets so excited watching that she has even wanted to take his dick in her kitty. So mommy made a game about it putting baby Melissa right above mommy’s kitty so Andy can play with the tiny baby kitty while he goes deep in mommy, now as Andy pulls out baby Melissa loves to touch and play and even pushes him back into mommy’s pussy oh it’s so much fun. Mommy has been working with baby Melissa and has taught her that tummy time means she needs to lay on her tummy with her little butt up. Mommy has been working showing her to open her butt and mommy has licked and put her thumb in there and baby Melissa really seems not to mind. I decided things were going so good and we were just like a great sick twisted family that I told baby Melissa we were going to play with Andy Tonight and during tummy time I was going to help him get his pony inside her little butt. Melissa really wasn’t sure she said it’s big and will hurt mommy told her she is a big girl and that’s what we have been practicing for. So Andy me and baby Melissa were playing did meow meow time and she was big girl on a pony ride the only difference was I didn’t let Andy cum on her I told her it was time for tummy time, and Melissa got on her tummy butt up in the air and pulled her butt open and said I am ready for the pony to go home. I looked at Andy and smiled and say we have been practicing this is just for you. I took his throbbing dick in my hand and started to slide it into my little princess baby melissa’s Tiny little butt hole. Melissa was crying a little and said it hurt Andy gave her kisses and rubbed her little kitty and told her he was almost done he only got the tip in before he blow the biggest load ever right up baby Melissa little butt hole. I told her she did great and Andy would take her for a toy in the morning. After baby Melissa went to bed I went to talk to Andy and found him lick and smelling baby Melissa little tinker bell undies he must have picked up off the floor. I got so excited seeing that after he said her taste was all gone I put the around his dick and had him fuck me like the undies were a  condom it was so hot he blow a huge load in me and I can say I would love to get pregnant and have another little girl for him. I told him he can have all the dirty undies of hers he wants and said wsit till you see what I am working on and going to teach baby Melissa next