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It’s time for my little princess to learn

Mommy is down on her luck but that really isn’t anything new. I have been thinking a lot about all the guys that are interested in my little princess the money they offer me to have her lips on the cocks or for a taste of that sweet bald little pussy. Up till now I have really resisted the money I can make thinking she is really to young and I don’t want someone to hurt her. Today I have decided it is different it is time for my little princess to learn and try and see how she reacts.
This one isn’t even about making money it is about someone that will be nice and go slow with my little princess. There is this nice older man that always eyes down my little girl and is always nice to both of us giving little things he makes to her and really seems like a nice guy. Normally I wouldn’t have anything to do with him as he is plain unless I was getting paid to perform myself for him but he has never tried to pay me for sex. When I saw him today he was nice as always we chatted a little and I saw him looking over my little one as always. Today was different as we talked I asked him if he thought she would be tasty, the man kinda looked at me and hesitated for a minute when he replied he said why yes I bet she would probably be the tastiest treat I would ever have.
Mommy said to the nice man why don’t you come back to my place and find out. I knew this man wasn’t sure but he then followed me home. I began to tell me he like to look and has often wonder what playing and getting to taste a tiny one would be like but he has never acted on it. I told him today was his lucky day because I thought it was time for him and my daughter both to try things out. I took them into my bedroom and got my little princess out of her clothes now she was laying on the bed with just a little pain of cotton panties, when the nice man asked if he could slid her panties off. I said yes and the man went over and started to touch and kiss my little princess all over then he slowly took her panties off and started to kiss and lick her tiny bald little pussy. My daughter really seemed to like what this man was doing so I just let him keep at it as long as he wanted. I could tell by the bulge in his pants how much he was enjoying just touching and licking on my little one.
Mommy still had more in mind especially since they both were getting along so good and my daughter sure seemed to like him. I went down and undid the mans pants and started to stroke his throbbing cock. I the. Told the man it was his turn for a little something and he should lay on the bed. I took my little girl up by him and let her touch and play with his cock, this was the first cock she has ever seen or touched she was very interested in it. Mommy just let her touch and play by herself with it for a bit. Mommy then took her hand an stroked the nice man with it mommy then showed her little princess how mommy puts it in her mouth and had my little princess try that . It was so cute to watch my little princess try to get the tip in her mouth she could hardly get the tip even in but she worked at it.
Mommy helped stroked his cock as my little on played with it in her mouth. I asked the man if he was ready to give my little girl her first taste of cum but I could see he already was he said yes please as mommy stroked him till he blew his load. My little princess wasn’t sure as it shot in her mouth but mommy told her it was ok and she licked up some more. The nice man was really happy and my little girl loved her first experience. I told the man he will have to come back and play again, as he left I whisper in his ear how I want to try and see his dick go inside my little girl next time.
hope you enjoy come back to see what mommies little girl tries next