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I did not just lose my virginity, I annihilated it... Part II

I knew what I was going to have to do.  This was the barrier, the final gate I was going to have to breach.  On the other side of this obstacle was my womanhood, my sexuality, my ecstasy, the fulfillment of all the fantasies I’d been having since forever.  I was hungry, and on the other side of that wall I would be filled.
I was sliding up and down on his cock, as hard as he could be and not pop, as hard as a rock, and slick with my pussy juices and his pre-cum.  Stronger and stronger I pumped up and down on that cock, pushing a little harder with each down stroke, feeling more stretch each time. 
When coherent, my partner cautioned me to “be careful” and “take it slow.”  Fuck that!