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I did not just lose my virginity, I annihilated it... Part I

To pop my story cherry, I thought... the story of how I popped my cherry?
Okay, it's not quite fair quoting Mona Mayfair from Anne Rice's "Witching Hour" series. I didn't annihilate my virginity that night. On the contrary, it was sweet, and beautiful, and sexy, with a considerate lover and excellent teacher.
It's just that he was also a very, shall we say, progressive teacher? So, over the next two years, as he initiated me into a sexually active life, I learned way more about bisexuality, polyamory, bondage, and kinks than most neophytes do. Went to my first orgy and everything!
So that first night was just the start of an adventure that, yes, didn't just rid me of my virginity. It thoroughly annihilated it - which was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a more ideal first lover or a better teacher!
That first night actually is a wonderfully sexy story to tell, as I found out when a client asked me to recount my first sexual experience and I found myself skipping over all the make out sessions, petting and oral sex that led up to it as more or less unmemorable and uninteresting.
No, the real treasure is the intensity of that moment when all those pent-up frustrations, and the waiting, and the hype, finally all came together in one glorious moment -- and it was glorious!