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Happy Birthday Baby

My favorite thing about my birthday is my special gift from Daddy. Every year he sneaks into my room at first light and gives me a big kiss on my cheek. This birthday was a little different though…
“Morning Baby” Daddy gently woke me, brushing my hair back and planting a kiss right smack in the middle of my forehead. Rolling over, I cracked an eye open to look at him standing over me. Immediately my cheeks flushed. Daddy didn’t know it, but a few weeks ago I accidently walked in on him showering. I saw him stroking himself thru the frosted glass, and I hadn’t been able to forget the sight of his big, thick cock. The last couple of nights I had fallen asleep with my hands down the front of my panties, fingering my little clit until I wanted to scream.
Daddy has always been so good to me, and gets me exactly what I want for my birthday every year. I’ve been trying to think of something, but honestly, what I really want is for Daddy to fuck me. I’ve been trying to be subtle about it, coming out of the bathroom naked, claiming there weren’t any towels left, at night when we watch TV I snuggle up next to Daddy with my legs spread and innocently pull his hand around me until it’s resting right over my slit. Sometimes, when the movie is exciting, I wiggle a bit and myself against his hand until my panties get wet. I know he’s noticed, because he always gets really flustered, but he doesn’t move away from me, and he doesn’t tell me to stop. Today, though, I’m thru with being coy, I want my Daddy to pop my cherry.
“So, what does my little girl want for her birthday,” Daddy asks me, smiling.
“I have some ideas Daddy,” laughing I get out of bed, pulling my pink nightdress off, over my head. I didn’t wear any panties again last night, so Daddy can see my whole body. I notice as his eyes slide down my smooth, creamy belly and rest on my bald, puffy little mound. “You’ll give me anything I want, won’t you Daddy?”
“Of course, Baby Girl, anything for my little princess.”
“Good, Daddy, because this is what I want.” Stepping up to him, I take his rough hand in mine and lead it down to my pussy. “I want this, Daddy, I want you to touch me.”
“Oh my god, Baby, I can’t do that. I… But you’re my… we just can’t”
Pouting I look up at him, my green eyes filling with tears. “But you said you would give me anything Daddy. And this is what I want. I want you to fuck me Daddy, please. It’s the only thing I want”
Daddy shakes his head, “No, sweetie, we can’t do that.”
“Why not Daddy, am I not pretty enough for you? I thought you liked little girls. I’ve seen the way you watch my friends when they come over to swim. And I’ve seen you watching little girls on the computer, when you think I’m asleep. I know you want this as much as I do, Daddy.” The whole time I’ve been talking, I’ve had Daddy’s hand cupping my pussy, pressed tight against me. He can feel how wet I’m getting, and he’s been sliding his fingers up and down my slit, each time he goes a little deeper, his index finger is more than halfway up my hole already. Now, I pull his hand out and lift it up to his face. “Smell it Daddy, smell how good my little pussy is. Don’t you see how wet your fingers are. I know you want this too.”
His eyes close and his nostrils flare as he takes a long whiff of my pussy juices slathered over his hand. I can see the struggle on his face as he opens his eyes again and looks at me seriously. “You’re sure you want this, Baby Girl? Once I start, I’m not going to be able to hold back.”
I nod, “I know Daddy, and I want this. I want you to fuck your little girl for my birthday.”
Dropping to my knees in front of him, I untie the lace on his pajama pants and push them down in the front, watching his rock hard cock spring out. The tip is already starting to leak and I waste no time, taking the whole length in my mouth and starting to suck it.
“Oh, Baby Girl, this is so wrong” he groans, but he makes no effort to stop me. Instead he just buries his fingers in my soft dark curls, guiding my head up and down to match the rhythm of his hips thrusting into my mouth. Deeper and deeper I draw him down my throat, gagging around his cock, while I watch him from under my bangs. When his head lolls back, I stop, letting his cock pop out of my mouth.
“You can’t cum, yet, Daddy. This is a birthday fuck, not a birthday blowjob.”
With a slight grin, Daddy pulls me to him. “You’re right, baby girl. I am going to spend the whole day fucking your tight little body. But first, I want a taste of that puffy cunt.”
Flipping me over onto the bed, Daddy grabs my legs, pulling them up and over his shoulders. I’m nearly upside-down but I don’t care the moment Daddy’s hot mouth latches onto my pussy lips. Taking my little clit in his mouth he sucks it as hard as he can, tonguing and nibbling it while he forces one, then two, then three fingers up into my pussy, spreading and stretching my tight lips until I can fit his big, hard cock.
“Yes! Yes! Oh god, Daddy, that feels so good. Don’t stop Daddy, oh god, don’t stop!” I’m screaming by now, my body shaking as I climax over and over. My little playtimes at night were nothing compared to my Daddy’s mouth. Even the time I pushed my pillow up between my legs and rubbed myself against it was soaked doesn’t hold a candle to this. All I can think about is that this, this is what I have been waiting for, I’ve been wanting my Daddy to fuck me for so long, and now it is finally happening. I am the luckiest girl in the world.
At last my Daddy lowers me back onto the bed. “You aren’t tuckered out, are you, little girl? That was just a little foreplay, I haven’t even fucked you yet.”
To be honest, I’m getting a little sleepy, Daddy has made me orgasm over and over again, I can barely catch my breath and the whole world feels like its spinning. Still, Daddy’s right, and I want him to fuck me more than anything. Nodding, I smile up at him. “I’m okay Daddy, you made me cum hard”
Without saying another word, Daddy tugs me closer and slides his cock inside of my well-lubed tight pussy. I let out a gasp as he sinks all the way in, popping my cherry on the first thrust. He doesn’t stop though, pumping me harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Reaching around behind me, Daddy slides a finger up my little rosebud at the same time. He is pumping his cock in and out of me "Baby you are so tight" he says with a moan.
I’m gasping for breath, I’ve been dreaming of Daddy fucking me, but I never knew it would be like this. Still I’m so happy, “Daddy, you’re ripping my ass apart, it hurts but please don't stop. Your cock feels so good in me, Daddy, I want you to fuck me like this all the time”
“Oh we’re going to fuck like this every day, Baby. I promise. But I can’t hold out much longer. Where do you want me to cum, baby?”
“Cum inside me Daddy, I want you to fill me up.”
When he hears those words, Daddy lets out a deep moan and shoots his load in my pussy. I gasp as his hot seed fills my little pussy, “Oh Daddy, you’re cumming in your little girl. Oh god, Daddy, it feels so good.”
Breathing heavily, Daddy falls to my side with a moan, his cock still buried in my hot cunt. Wrapping my legs around him, I hold him close until every drop is spent. When I finally let go, my puffy pussy is glistening with our cum. “Daddy, I want you to fuck me like this every day”
Pressing a kiss to my forehead, Daddy smiles, “Happy Birthday, Baby girl, I hope you got exactly what you wanted.”
Smiling at him, I lay back against his shoulder sighing happily. “You never let me down, Daddy. I love you so much, this was the best birthday ever…”