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Girl Scout cookie time part 3

This is part 3 of a series if you haven hear the other 2 you should start there for sure. It really has be a lot of fun playing with the nice man my sister Katie and I have met. I am shocked at how much my little sister tries and lets the man do to her. I have been rubbing and playing with myself a lot since the last time we played. I have found myself trying to open my little hole like the man was doing, surprisingly it actually does open a lot. Today on the way home from school I was all alone cause my mom had picked Katie up to take her to the doctor. I wasn’t sure about going there alone but I decided to go to the nice mans by myself. When I got to his house and rang the doorbell the nice man answered and said hello Hailey how are you today? I said was was great and I have really wanted to see and play again. He said that’s great I really enjoy playing with you too, he paused and said are you all alone today no Katie? I wasn’t sure if he was upset Katie wasn’t her with me or not but I replied yep I am all alone Katie had to go to the doctor with my mom so I will have time to play, is it ok she’s not here? The nice man said of course it will be more fun with you alone you are a big girl and can do even more the Katie could. I said yeah your right I got a lot more in my mouth the Katie did but she really did try thinking she is a big girl like me. I have been rubbing myself and trying to open my little hole like you did. The nice man say that great Hailey for what I have in mind since it’s just you we will need to open your little hole up. So the nice man picked me up and carried me into his bedroom and got me undressed on the bed. It started like normal with him rubbing and playing with my little body he sucked my tiny boobs and worked his way down to my pee pee. The licked and kissed and sucked on he for a long time he would open my little hole and put his  tongue in more and more I really wasn’t sure what he was trying to do with my hole but it felt good so I just let him play. After I was really wet he said Hailey would you like to stroke and suck on my pee pee now? I say yes yes I would love to play with it. The man got on his back on the bed and I started to play with him, his pee pee was really hard I told him I was going to try and put even more in my mouth today and asked if he would like that? The man said yes Hailey I would love to get more in your mouth. I stroked and sucked on him for a long time and then the man asked me Hailey you are a big girl how would you like to try something different? I replied ok what are we going to do, the nice man said you know how I have been opening your little hole I really want to try and put my pee pee in there and shoot my cream into you. I said really will it fit in there it looks way to big, then I asked what will it feel like with the cream in there. The nice man said it will feel really good to have my cream in there. But I am going to be honest with you Hailey as I start to put it in your little hole it is going to hurt a little bit as you hole stretches open. I said on I will let you try but if it hurts too much will you stop? The nice man say oh yes Hailey I am not going to try and put it in very far today. I would like you to let me try and go in a little even if it starts to hurt, you will like it and I really want to cream inside you. So we started and the man got between my legs and started to rub his pee pee up and down on mine. As he was rubbing he started to open my hole with his fingers, I couldn’t believe his pee pee would fit, but he started to push it in a little bit. I started to cry a little because it was hurting the nice man paused and gave me a kiss and wiped my tears, then he asked me if I just hold it here can I cream? He really wasn’t in that much I don’t even think the tip was in my hole so I said ok you can cream there. The man started stroking himself till it started to cream in me, I did start to feel good with his cream inside me so it told him you can try to go in a little more. The man said if your sure I will try, I paused and said yeah I am a big girl so you can try. The man said ok Hailey it is going to hurt a little bit more but I am going to take one big push to try and get inside you. I said ok and kinda got scared but I let him try. Oh oh it started to hurt and I was crying now as the man forced his pee pee into my little hole. I started telling him it hurt so much but I think he liked it too much he just kept pushing it in and out of my little hole, it did start to feel good but hurt a lot too. The man put more cream in my little hole and when he took his pee pee out it had blood on it and my little hole was bleeding. I was scared and asked him am I ok why am I bleeding? The man said yes Hailey you are fun we will get you all cleaned up that just means you a big girl and only happens the first time it goes in you, if you keep letting me do that it won’t even hurt it will just feel good. He took and put me in a nice warm bath and cleaned me up as he did to put his finger in me a little and he was right it didn’t hurt. I told him I would like to try it again. He said I hope you come back really so so we can play again. I asked the nice man do you want to put you big pee pee in Katie like that too, before the man could answer i kinda already knew because his big per pee was really hard. The nice man said he would love to rub it on Katie and cream but he wasn’t sure if it would go in or if she would cry and hurt to much. I told him that maybe if Katie saw him put it in me she might want to try she does think she is a big girl like me. The man said we can try the next time you bring Katie over and after he had me all clean he asked me if I would suck his big hard pee pee since it was so hard. The man put lots of cream in my mouth and told he how much fun he had today and that he loved me. We kissed a little and I told him I loved him to and I can’t wait to play again.
hope you enjoyed this story and the rest of the series what will happen next will I just keep having sex or will I help the nice man take Katie’s virginity too?