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Girl Scout cookie time part 2

It had been a week or so since Katie and I sold all our cookies to the nice old man. I hadn’t said anything to Katie about what we did with the man or what he did to us figured if she wasn’t saying anything about it we were ok. I did find myself touching myself at night like the man had touched me because it really did feel good, I wonder how he knew how to make us feel so good do all little girls like to be touched and kissed down there...I guess I will never know but I know Katie and I liked it. Today there was a Girl Scout craft day and our mom had to work but she let Katie and I go cause it was at the school and we walk there by ourselves to and from school. Mom said she would be but a few hours after we should be home. So Katie and I went and had fun at the craft day. It was funny as I said Katie hadn’t said anything about what we did and then as we are walking home she giggled and said do you think the nice man that bought all the cookies is home? I paused and said I don’t know Katie do you want to walk there and see? Katie replied really fast yes yes let’s go, and then she says do you think he will touch and lick us again? I don’t know but I am sure if we tell him it’s ok he will he did seem to like doing it too. Katie giggles a little more and says I want that white creamy stuff to come out of his pee pee again. I home he lets us touch it again. I told Katie I bet he will I think he liked us doing that like she liked him licking and touching her. So we got to the mans house and rang the doorbell, the nice man opened the door and said hello girls it’s good to see you. I said hi hope it’s ok we stopped by we were on our way home and our mom won’t be home for a few more hours. Katie then quickly said I want you to touch and lick me it was fun, the nice man said I am glad you liked it I would love to play with you both again. Come on come in I hoped you two would come back. I could see the big pee pee in his pants was already big guess he was happy we were there. Katie touched it through his pants and asked can I play with this again too? The nice man said of course you can we can even do other things too, Katie wasn’t sure what he meant but said I liked playing with it and the white cream was funny when it shoots out all over. So the three of us went back to his bedroom Katie was already naked before we even got to his room, she climbed up in his bed and said me first me first lick me lick me. The man was happy to make Katie happy he climbed up on the bed between her legs and started to touch and lick her. He told me don’t be shy get your cloths off and get up here  Beautiful I can’t wait to touch and taste you again. I smiled and quickly got naked and on the bed. Katie was really going crazy shaking her hips and legs she must have really felt good, I know I can’t wait to have him touch and lick me instead of just touching myself. The man started touching my small boobs while still licking Katie he soon moved down to touch my pee pee, it got wet really fast and I giggled the man said I guess your already to get licked now too. He moved over between my legs before I could even say yes please I told him I have been thinking about it and touching myself at night since we were hear. Katie said I touch mine to it feels good, the nice man said you can come over anytime we can always play. It was strange now the man was opening up my little pee pee hole more the last time and putting his  tongue in it more, it felt so good just different, then as he opened it more it started to hurt a little I started to cry a little oh oh that hurts a little the nice man stopped and said he was sorry but he knew after it stopped hurting I would feel even better with him doing it. So I let him a little more he told me what a tasty pretty little hole I had. Katie layed on the bed and said in my hole pretty too? I could see the nice man wanted to open Katie’s hole up to but he kinda stopped and just said yes your hole is pretty and very tasty too. I asked Katie if it was ok to try and open hers up I said it will hurt a little but his  tongue really feels good in there. Katie shook her head yes and the man started to open up Katie and lick her she let out a few little  whimpers and even got a tear in her eye. The nice man stopped and said Katie you did really good just like a big girl I am sure next time it will feel even better. Katie said ok can I touch and see your pee pee shoot the cream out? The man say of course you can let me take my pants off Katie went and helped him pull it out. It seemed even bigger then the last time. Katie started to pull on it and stroke him right away. The nice man asked Katie if she would give it a kiss she did he really liked that. I went and gave it a kiss to but then licked it with my  tongue like the man licked on me and Katie. He really seemed to like that the white cream started to drip a little so I gave it a taste, it was different so it told Katie to try it to. She said that is salty but licked it a few more times as she kept stroking up and down. The man asked if he could put the rest of his cream into our mouths we looked at each other not sure and I didn’t know if Katie would but I said you can do it in my mouth. Katie said I am a big girl too put it in my mouth first. The man had us both get on our knees will our mouths open as he started to stroke it really fast putting the tip in and out of both our mouths. It wasn’t long and he started to cream I. Katie’s mouth then he took it and put the tip in my mouth it was still creaming a lot the man told me to try and let his pee pee go in my mouth more I did and started to choke a little he said your doing a great job Katie said my turn my turn you could see the man wanted it in Katie’s mouth to so he started to push it into her little mouth but she could hardly get the tip in there but Katie tried really hard and the man finished all his cream in her little mouth. It took us to the bathroom and cleaned us both up telling us how much fun it was today and next time he would teach us even more. He then helped us get dressed and asked if he could keep our panties so he could taste us out of them till he sees us again. I thought it was silly but told him it was ok. The nice man got us ready to go and said I hope to see you again soon. Katie and I walked the rest of the way home with no panties on and I told Katie she can’t say anything and to put a new pair of panties on before mom gets home. She asked if we can got to the mans again soon I told her we will go after school on moms late days. She smiled and said thank you

come back and listen to our next adventure I wonder what the nice man will do
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