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Girl Scout cookie time part 1

It was that time of the year again to be put selling Girl Scout cookies, this year was different my mom decided I could go out without her just me and my little sister. Since there were 2 of us we had a lot of cookies we were supposed to sell. This year I am a junior Girl Scout but still look really young for my age this is my little sisters first year she is just a little daisy. It is really cold out today but we need to get our cookies sold so we both get to go on the camping trip this summer. My friend told me about a house she went to last year with a nice guy that bought all her cookies but I wasn’t sure because she did say she let him see her naked and touch her I am not sure about that, but it is cold and I really don’t want to be outside.

so my sister and I took our wagon full of cookies and went off the the house. A really nice older man answered the door and seem really nice. I said hi and my little sister with her cute smile asked if he wanted some cookies? He looked us both up and down and paused to ask are you two out her all alone? My sister all to quick to answer says yes it’s just us mommy was too busy at home to come. The nice man said you look really cold would you like to come in for some hot  chocolate and warm up while I see what cookies you have. We said sure and both went in to have the hot chocolate snd warm up. We talked as I could feel him looking over both my sister and I, I then told him I heard he liked cookies because last year he bought all the ones my friend had. He paused and said yes I do like cookies especially from a cute Girl Scout I remember your friend she was very very cute, especially when her uniform was off. He stopped there I think waiting to see what I would say, I already had the idea that me and my sister might have to get naked but to sell all the cookies I was willing to do whatever it took. I told Katie to lift up her little  Daisy dress up and show the nice man her Dora panties. She lifted up her dress and said aren’t my panties cute? The nice man said yes your panties are really cute can I touch them. Katie said yeah you can touch Dora do you want me to take them off? The nice man rubbed her little lips and said I would love you to take them off if you want. The man told me he would buy all both are cookies I could watch tv he was going to take Katie into his bedroom for a little bit.  I sat and let the man and Katie play in his room after I heard Katie laughing and giggling I had to go take a look and see what was happening when I opened the door the nice man had Katie naked on his bed and was licking her little pee pee she seemed to be liking it. He saw me and said it’s ok if you come in, if you want you can come get naked and try too. I thought if Katie likes it I should too so I took off all my little clothes and lay on the bed next to Katie the man started to touch my tiny little boobs and rub my little bald pee pee too. I have to say the way I was feeling was strange but very good at the same time. He then started to kiss and lick my tiny boobs and my little pee pee. This went on for what seemed like all day. After we both really felt good the man asked if either of us had seen or touched a boys pee pee, we both shook our heads no and he said would you like to see and touch mine? Katie answered right away yeah I do I do, and I said ok too so the man took off his pants and oh my the biggest thing I had ever seen popped out of his underwear. The man took Katie’s hand first and put it there and told her it was ok to touch then he put my hand on it and showed us both how to move our hands up and down. He really seemed to like it and all the sudden white creamy stuff came out of it and the man was really happy. He said he was sorry it got all over us and helped clean us both up. He then paid us for all the cookies and told us we should come back again to play.

I am already thinking about going back because the man made me feel so good, and Katie says she wants him to lick her per pee again.

hope you like this adventure and look back for our next visit there