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Getting a ride home from school

It had been a long day and I was tired. 
My backpack was heavy.
Bigger than me.
My bus dropped me off a mile from my house but I had to walk the rest of the way.
A nice man rolled his window down to talk to me. 
He looked about daddy's age.
He had some gray hair. 
Not like mine. 
Mine is all blonde.
He was dressed nicely. His car looked nice too. 
"Hey sweetie! That backpack is bigger than you are! Why don't you let me give you a ride home!"
I thought about what daddy had said about getting in the car with strangers...
"I know your dad! He won't mind!"
"Oh! Ok! Do you know where I live?"
"Yes baby, I can get you home quickly."
So I jumped in the front seat!
Daddy never lets me ride up front!
"What's your name?"
"Wait, I thought you knew my daddy! Shouldn't you know my name?"
"Well I am going to tell you the truth. I don't know your daddy but when I saw you walking on the sidewalk, with your cute little blonde pigtails and sparkly shoes, I knew I had to meet you! You're just too pretty to pass up!"
"Aww thank you! I did my hair by myself this morning!"
"What a big girl you are!" 
"Wait, I think you passed my street, my house is back there"
"I know sweetie, but I forgot to tell you about my cat. She just had kittens. Don't you want to come see them?"
"I love kitties!"
"ok sweetie, we'll be to my house before you know it!"
We got to his house and he helped me out of his car. 
He told me the kitties were in his bedroom!
When I got in there, there were no kitties.
"Oh, the momma cat must have hidden them. I'm sorry sweetie."
"It's ok... can I go home now?"
"Sure, but first, do you want to have a bowl of ice cream?"
"Daddy never lets me have ice cream after school!"
He made me a big bowl of strawberry ice cream but just as I was about to sit down and eat it, he reminded me that my parents would be very upset if I got ice cream all over my school uniform. So I took it off, leaving on my sparkly panties and training bra. 
"Is this better?" 
"Much better" he said as he started rubbing the front of his pants. 
I finished my ice cream and told the nice man thank you.
I was getting up from the table when he said
"Do you know how you can thank me?"
"come back to my bedroom with me."
I followed him back. 
He sat on his bed and pulled me to him. 
I was scared but he told me he wasn't going to hurt me. 
He slid my panties over the side and put a finger inside of me. 
"What are you doing?"
"Remember how I told you that you are a very pretty girl?"
"well pretty girls are supposed to make older men like me happy"
"thats right, so I need you to be a good girl, okay?"
he loosened up my little hole with his fingers. he put two inside of me and it hurt. but I know I am very pretty girl and I am very grateful for the ice cream. 
"mmmm, I see that your little pussy is still bald"
then he picked me up under my arms and put me on him. I could feel something big poking my hole. then he unbuttoned his pants and put it in me!
It was bigger than his two fingers and it hurt!
"ow! that hurts!"
he ignored me as he picked me up and shoved me back down on it! over and over again!
I could feel it going deep into my little body.
I could feel my little hole stretching. 
He was breathing hard and making funny noises. 
Then I started making those noises. 
What was going on?
My hole was tingly.
It felt good. 
Then he reached around and played with a little bump right above my hole and it felt so good!
Then he stopped bouncing me.
"wait, why did you stop?"
"I just wanted to see if you were enjoying yourself"
"yes sir, can we do it some more?"
he turned me around where my small boobies were sticking in his face.
some of my friends at school had big boobies but mine were small.
I told him I was sorry they were small and I tried to cover them up. 
He pulled my hands away and told me they were perfect and  he put one in his mouth.
my nipples got really hard when did that and my pussy more tingly. 
then he started to bounce me harder and I begged him to slow down.
"owch! that hurts! you're hurting my pussy and you're biting my boobie too hard!" 
he ignored me until I felt something warm squirt inside of me. 
he was loud. he screamed and groaned. 
then he picked me up and put me in his shower. 
it was a really nice shower. 
he bathed me and told me to get dressed. 
after I was dressed he handed me my backpack and told me that if I liked it when he fucked me that I shouldn't tell anyone what happened. 
I really did like that pulsing feeling down there. I think I will keep this a secret! I hope he picks me up again tomorrow!