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Fathers Day Fun

Usually Daddy picks me up from school, and he’s always right on time. Today, however, it had been a half-day before the holiday break and I guess Daddy forgot because he wasn’t there in the pick-up line like usual. It wasn’t really a problem though, a friend’s mom drove me home and I had my own key for the door just for occasions like this. I let myself in quietly, dropped my bag by the door and called out “Hello”. My voice echoed thru the empty house, there was no answer. I was just starting to think maybe no one was home when I heard a door slam shut from upstairs. Curious, I crept up the stairs, I had only gotten about halfway when I heard feet running across the carpeted floor, a stifled giggle, and another door shut. “Hello” I called again, but still no answer. It had sounded like the giggle had come from Daddy’s room, so I headed that direction first. I paused at the door for a moment, knocking. My big sister, Jenni, opened the door. She was dressed in black lace lingerie that fit her perfectly.
“Oh, Jenni, you scared me. I didn’t think anyone was home. What’s going on?”
Jenni said nothing, just closed the door behind me. I heard the soft click as the door locked. Grabbing me by the shoulders, she steered me further into the room, towards the bed where Daddy was laying, dressed in a pair of grey sweatpants. Looking up at my sister, with her soft brown eyes, I shook my head. “What is this, Jenni. What is happening?”
Without a word, Jenni pulled my white polo shirt up over my head and tossed it aside, I could feel her warmth, smell the orange blossom scent of her perfume, and my skin shivered at her gentle touch. My heart was pounding in my chest as her hands dropped to my skirt, unfastening it with lightning speed and dropping it and my little white panties to my ankles, exposing my smooth, naked body.  
Under her breath she whispered to me “Don’t be nervous, just do what I say and follow my lead.”
By this point I was fighting back tears, Daddy still hadn’t said anything, he was just laying stretched out on the bed, staring at me with a heat and intensity that made me blush.
Jenni took my hand and led me to the bed, where we climbed up and across to Daddy. “Take off his pants,” she said softly.
When I crawled over to him, Daddy reached up and caressed my chin, running his fingers thru my blonde curls. I tugged down the sweatpants; he lifted his hips long enough from me to yank them down and over his thighs, exposing his hard, fat cock. Clutching my hair, he pulled my face close.
“Now, suck Daddy’s cock like a good little girl. Suck it,” Jenni instructed.
I did as I was told, stuffing his cock into my mouth, gobbling it up with enthusiasm. The more I sucked it, the harder and bigger it got. I slurped away as Daddy lay back against the pillows, staring down his chest to watch me.
“That’s a good girl,” Jenni purred. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jenni was spread out next to us, her fingers deep inside of her dripping pussy. “Now turn around, honey, and let Daddy see that bald little cunt.”
I turned as she told me, straddling Daddy’s broad chest before lowering my mouth back to his cock, my bubble butt sticking straight up in the air and Daddy’s breath hot against my tight little slit. His cock was huge and thick, and I was beginning to gag on his full erection. Suddenly, Jenni’s hands were on me, her wet fingers, now spreading my inner folds open, were sticky with her juices. I gasped, letting Daddy’s cock fall out of my mouth, as her fingers plunged inside me, probing at the barrier within me.
“Why, you’re still just a baby, aren’t you, honey.” She chuckled, removing her fingers. As she pulled back she let one ruby-painted nail scrape over my clit, sending shudders of pleasure rocketing thru me. “No worries, sweetie, we’ll fix that soon, when you’re a little older. For now, just swing that pretty little pussy over Daddy’s face, like a good little girl. He wants to taste your sweet cunt.
Without hesitation, I scooted right back until I was right above Daddy. His hands gripped my skin where my ass meets my thighs and they dug in as Daddy pulled me down on top of him, fastening his mouth to my bald pussy. His tongue poked up into me, swiping over my clit and deep into the folds of my pussy.
Meanwhile, Jenni had mounted Daddy’s huge cock, impaling her tight little body to his full length. She moaned as she rode him, rocking her hips in time with the thrusts of Daddy’s tongue. Jenni and I were face to face while she fucked him, she reached out for me and our lips met while we toyed with each other’s nipples, twisting and tugging them as we moaned in orgasmic pleasure. I was fully aroused now, my pussy soaking wet from Daddy’s tongue mixing with my own juices. My hands grasped the base of Daddy’s hard, wet stalk, wrapping my little fingers around it, jacking my Daddy off while he fucked my sister’s pussy.
A muffled bellow railed against my pussy as Daddy came deep inside her. Wiggling my slit over his mouth, I joined in my own little orgasm, my first ever, while Jenni slumped over, leaning against me, fully spent. I watched as Daddy’s cum oozed out of Jenni’s pussy and down Daddy’s shaft onto my hand before I released him.
“Thank you girls," he said, " that was a fantastic Father’s Day.”