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Daddies little girl is home from school

Daddy's little girl is home from school wearing her short plaid skirt and white button down shirt with her new size AA pink bra showing underneath. 
Hi, I'm home from school!
Ok, give me a minute to take off my shoes and I will be right there!
Are you in your bedroom?
On my way!
Oh... I am sorry daddy, I thought you wanted me to come in.
Yeah but you are not dressed...
Are you sure?
What do you need?
Yeah, I am wearing the new panties you bought me.
The pink ones with black polka dots.
Yeah, I love them! Thank you!
No sir, no one at school saw them.
Yes I am sure.
I know my uniform skirt is short but I kept my legs closed all day!
You don't believe me?
How can I make you believe me?
Do you think I have been having sex??
I promise I have not! I have been a good girl!
Wait... how do you want me to prove it?
Oh... so if my pussy is tight you will know that I have not let anyone inside it?
Ok... how do you want to check?
Do you want to put your fingers inside to see?
Oh, ok. But I am scared. What if it does not fit.
It looks really big.
Can't you just use your fingers?
Oh, that will not work?
You have to use your penis?
Ok... promise you'll be gentle?
Ok, I will sit on it.
See? It is really tight!
No, no one has been inside.
Daddy, you are breathing really hard.
Are you okay?
Should I get up?
Oh ok...
Ooooh this is fun, I love bouncing!
Keep bouncing me daddy!
Ow! You went really deep that time!
It is ok...
Daddy, why are you touching my boobies?
Oh ok... I guess I did have a long day at school, and I am sore.
Daddy, this is starting to feel good.
Is that ok?
I've never felt like this before!
Oh, it feels good for you too!
You're welcome daddy!
I love you!
Oh daddy! You're bouncing me really hard now!
Ow ow ow!
Ow Daddy!My little pussy is hurting!
You are bouncing me too hard!
Wait, what is happening?
Oh... you are done now?
No, I won't tell anybody.
Oooh ice cream!
Yay! I love ice cream!
Can I have strawberry!
Daddy, can we do this again tomorrow?
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