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Best friends daughter

Sarah just got out of cheerleading practice when she saw her dad's friend waving from the bleachers. 
"Hey, Mr. Adams, what are you doing here?"
"Sweety, don't make me feel so old, call me Daniel."
"Ok, Daniel... did dad send you?"
"yeah, sweety, his meeting is running late, possibly into the night."
"Awww, he promised he would take me shopping for a new sports bra! I can't keep coming to practice with this old bra that barely even holds in my breasts!"
"Oh, you're right, you have developed quite a bit since I last saw you...."
Sarah blushes...
"I bet you have a lot of boys interested in you now"
"A few..."
"Well don't worry, I can take you shopping. You're dad asked me to have you sleep at my house tonight so I cleared the whole day. Let go shopping!"
"Great! Thank you so much Mr. Ada... I mean, Daniel!"
When Daniel and Sarah got to the bra section of the store, Sarah couldn't help but wander toward the lacy push up bras. 
"Dad never lets me wear anything but these boring white elastic cotton bras"
Sarah pulled up her shirt to show Daniel, her perky breast shape very visible underneath the cotton. 
Daniel could feel his cock becoming errect. He quickly adjusted it in his waistband and comment on Sarah's bra.
"you're right, a girl with a body like yours should be allowed to showcase it in a ssexier bra than that."
As Daniel sat in a dressing room chair, Sarah crawled into his lap, wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his ear
"Which one of these bras makes your dick hard?"
Daniel started to breathe heavily and was now unable to adjust his throbbing cock with Sarah sitting in his lap. He knew Sarah had to feel it rubbing against her panties. 
Daniel pointed to a black, see through bra and Sarah jumped up, grabbed it, and threw her shirt off. 
"I'm pretty sweaty from practice, do you think you could help me get this bra off?"
Daniel stood up with his huge cock pitching a tent in his khaki pants and gently pulled the bra over Sarah's head, revealing her perky breasts and errect nipples. 
Sarah put on the see through, size B bra and Daniel hooked it in the back. 
"Do you think I"m sexy, Daniel?"
"I've stroked my cockto the thought of you for many years, Sarah. And you are only becoming more beautiful by the day"
"You're so sweet" Sarah said as her puffy nipples poked through the mesh in the bra. 
"Wow, I didn't realize this bra was so revealing. You don't think I'm a whore, do you?"
"Of course not, as long as the only person who get to see you in this bra is me. I am buying it after all."
Daniel said as he moved his hands to cup her breasts. 
"Do any of your classmates touch you like this?"
"No, never. Sometimes I wish they would but daddy is just so overprotective, he scares everyone away."
"Well he won't scare me away. I've been dreaming about these breasts for a long time."
Daniel massaged her breasts as they began panting in each other's ears. 
"I think for today, I'll be your daddy"
Sarah reached down to unzip his pants when Daniel swatted her hand away...
"Does Sarah deserve daddy's dick?"
Sarah whimpered
"Please daddy, your dick is the only dick I want. It will be my first."
Daniel sat back down and pulled his cock out of his pants and told Sarah to kneel in front of him. 
Daniel grabbed Sarah by the back of the head and guided her mouth down his shaft. 
Sarah gagged and Daniel pushed her down harder. 
"Daniel, stop!"
Sarah said in between gagging
"You haven't earned my cock in your juicy little pussy yet" he said as he kept his grip on her head. 
After a few more seconds he let her go. He picked her up and sat her back in his lap where he slid her panties over to the side and had her wet little pussy in full view. 
He stuck one finger inside and could feel her pussy squeeze his finger tight. 
He moaned at the thought of how tight it would squeeze his cock. 
He fingered her for a few minutes as she panted and moaned and begged him not to stop. 
He made enough room to squeeze his thick cock inside her. 
He readjusted her in his lap. He slowly sat her back down on his cock until he was imapaling her little body with his member.
She whimpered as her pussy expanded to compensate for his thick cock. 
He bounced her on his dick as she went limp like a little ragdoll.
He thrusted harder and harder as he groped her little breasts and told her what a good girl she was being. 
"I always knew I would get to fuck your little pussy"
Sarah's eyes rolled to the back of her head and her pussy started to contract. She moaned and begged him to pound her tight hole harder.
"Daddy, I've never felt like this before. It's so warm and tingly down there."
Daniel pounded her until he filled up her tiny body with his cum, making her the little cum dumpster he had always imagined her to be. 
"Sarah, be a good girl and suck daddy's dick clean."
"Yes daddy"