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At the Cinema

I notice you straight away as you walk into the Cinema.
Tall, serious looking, fine, chiselled features, smartly dressed. I start to imagine what would be under those clothes. I feel a shudder between my legs.
You see me. You seem to think for a moment and then you come to a decision and walk over. You lean over and ask "Do you mind if I sit here?"
Your voice is masculaine and strong, yet hyonotically erotic. I fumble out the words "Of course!" and move my bag to the seat on my other side.
As you sit down I inhale your scent mixed with a slight hint of aftershave. Intoxicating. I squirm in my chair as I'm starting to get that familiar itch.
You shyly try to make smalltalk, It's clear you sat here with the intent of chatting me up. As a tease I play coy forcing you to make each move. Shyly you stumble through idle conversation. All the while I'm wanting you more and more. My juices are starting to
run soaking my cotton panties.
Suddenly the lights start to dim and you pay attention to the screen.
Damn! I want you to concentrate on me!
Thinking that's it for now, I try to calm down and settle in to watch the movie.
As the credits roll I feel something against my thigh. I figure it must be the air conditioning. A few minutes later I feel it again .. more intense. I'm thinking there must be a mouse or something in here when I suddenly realise it's your fingers.
I'm startled. The mere thought starts my juices flowing again. I act nonchalantly, pretending to not notice, yet wondering - how far will you go?
The answer comes soon enough as I feel your fingertips on the top of my bare thigh, just short of the hem-line of my summer dress. I continue to pretend I haven’t noticed as his strong fingers trace an outline along the top of my thigh finally reaching the hem. I expect him to stop or slide his fingers under - but NO! He slides my hem up revealing more and more of my milky white thigh.
OK. This I cannot not notice. I look at him.
His green eyes glistening, he smiles the most beautiful smile as he brings his index finger to his lips indicating I should stay quiet.
I’m dumbfounded. This has never happened to me before. I'm nervous yet aroused. I can feel my pussy getting wetter. My crotch becoming saturated.
And then it happens. I can feel his finger tips reach my panty line. I shudder. I need to stop this! But part of me wants this. I want it bad. It's been so long. I look at him the look in my eyes gives me up.
He smiled and ran his finger over the smooth cotton until he reached my drenched crotch. On feeling my wetness he smiled and licked his lips.
He started rubbing my clit through the panties. Oh FUCK! Eletctric shocks were coursing through my body. He kept rubbing my clit, eliciting a quiet moan of encouragement from deep inside me. I could feel my breasts swelling and growing, trying to bust out of my bra, my nipples getting harder and harder.
Then suddenly he moved his fingers under the crotch and I could feel his fingers on my clit and pussy. He started rubbing the entrance to my wet cunt with his fingers, making me ooze. My thighs spread wider of their own accord. My senses were in disarray. My senses in overload.
Then suddenly he stopped. NO! NO! NO! I needed more. FUCK! I needed more.
What he did next made me gush. He pulled his finger out of my panties, brought it to his lips, looked me straight in the eye as he licked my juices clean. His eyes rolled back and he moaned gently as the most beautiful smile I've ever seen graced his lips.
Then suddenly he was on the floor between my spread thighs and I could feel his tongue licking my soaking crotch. I spread as wide as I could grabbing his thick brown hair and pulling him to my aching cunt.
I felt him grab the crotch of my panties with his fingers and suddenky I could feel cool air on my cunt. FUCK! He tore a hole in my panties! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! And then I felt him. Suddenly his tongue was licking my clit as it slid through my open outer lips and penetrated my inner lips into my now volcanic pussy.
My brain exploded. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! "Eat me!!" I whispered.
And he did. Oh FUCK he did. He was amazing. His tongue explored me inside out as he explored My inside. I could hear the slurpinng as he clamped his mouth on my bald mound, trying to suck the cunt juice out of me. My nipples felt like they would explode. I loosened my shoulder straps and let My dress slide down revealing the bra struggling to control my utterly swollen D-cups. FUCK! I scooped them out of the bra cups and started taking turns sucking my erect nipples.
Between my nipples and his tongue inside me wave after wave of sensations coursed through me. My legs were jelly .. his hands were spreading them obscenely wide to gain as much access as he could. My body was convulsing. The feeling was amazing. I never wanted it to stop!
Then it happened. I could feel it. Inside. Deep inside. That feeling starting to course through my body, my stomah muscles tightening. Oh FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!I looked down and he looked up at me his eyes twinkling as he keep tongue fucking me again and again ... "Oooooh .. FUCK! I'm ... oh FUCK!  ARRRGHHHH ... CUMMING!!!!!"
I squirted. It was some drops. It was a torrent. He drank it all like a man dying of thirst. He kept drinking He kept sucking. My orgasm didnt stop. It kept going. On and on. Oh FUCK! I was in heaven. He was relentless. I came and came. Two, Three orgasms. He wouldn't let me go. Four. I was delirious. No man or woman had ever done this to me. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and slumped into the chair.
He stopped licking me slowly, helping me come down from the cloud I was on. I was utterly spent. I couldn't feel my legs. I couldn't move.
I could feel him remove panties and lower my dress. I then felt his hands on my tits stuffing them back into my bra and sliding the straps back over my shoulder. He looked at me, bent down, and gently kissed me on the lips making my mind reel. I felt his tongue in my mouth wrestling with mine.
He slid back into his seat with my panties in his hand as I just lay there.
Why did he want my panties - some kind of trophy? I was kind of annoyed. I regained my energy as the movie ended.
The lights came on, and people started leaving, seemingly oblivious to what had happened.
I turned to him, ready to let my frustration out, when he smiled at me and kissed me on the lips. "I hope I can see you again". He then placed something soft in my hand, stood up and walked out.
I regained my composure, straightened myself. As I was getting my bag I looked at what he had placed in my hand.
It was my drenched, torn cotton panties.
There was a message written on them:
555-1971. You tasted heavenly.
Thank you.
PS: I owe you a pair of panties xox"