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A Sexy Succubus Visited me last night!


A succubus visited me last night and now- I’m hooked! I woke up on sweaty and wet sheets from a very hot and erotic dream.  I dreamt of being with a hot girl!! The hottest girl that I’ve ever seen before!  It wasn’t just any hot girl!! It was a hot bitch who was up for anything, in my anything goes sex dream with this sexy succubus who came to fulfill my every dirty desire and wish that I had.
I remember it all so vividly, I was trying on my new bra that I bought for my boyfriend, as I was looking at my tight little body in the mirror, she opened the door behind me. This tall blonde bombshell made me wet at just the sight of her. She walked right up to me, and I wasn’t startled one little bit, I let her wrap her arms around my waist, as I saw us in the mirror.  I stared at her beautiful face bend over and kiss my neck and my back, as I witnessed her enjoying my skin as her soft lips caressed my neck, and traced a path right up to my light pink lips, her blood red lips met mine.
As we enjoyed each other, I’d glance at the mirror, and I’d see her long blonde hair, cascaded over my shoulder as she rested her beautiful face on my shoulder as her reflection gazed into my eyes with those blue eyes that burned into me, and made me so horny and got me so excited.
I felt sensations going up and down my body, that I hadn’t felt before with a woman, an insatiable lust only she could make me feel, and that only she could fulfill.  A need and deep desire for her.  To have her. To hold her. To be with her and I wanted to be with her- now! I felt her desire for me, she lusted for me with same intensity that I lusted for her.  
I desired her with an intense hunger that nothing else, but she could satisfy. She turned me around and with a ravenousness craving that I hadn’t felt before, I began to passionately kiss her on her erotically enticing lips. We passionately made out as we enjoyed every inch of each other’s bodies. Her hands caressed my soft breast, she then undid my bra and exposed my firm breast and began to kiss my tits, she teased me so much that I couldn’t stand it. I tried to move my hands down to my tight dripping pussy but she wouldn’t allow me to touch myself, and neither did she, until moments later when I came for her.  Then she moved her wet tongue over to my little clit and started to rub it over my clit as she licked all of my sweet pussy juices off of me.  
I felt her fingers start to pierce through me, as she pushed two fingers into my tight throbbing pussy.  “Oh Fuck!” I let out as I moved my hips with a hungry motion, back and forward and from side to side to feel her deep inside of every part of me.  She was so good, I then started cumming again, I think I came two or three times I don’t know.
She made me feel ecstasy like no other, I felt all things good and evil.  Depraved, Sinister, mystical, she made me reach nirvana, and I took her there too.  I made her tight pussy cum for me so many times, and she made my warm wet pussy she said tasted so sweet.
My senses heightened, I heard all things of Heaven and felt all things of Hell.  I reached Nirvana.  And I will take you there, just grab my hand and let me be your succubus, call me baby and let me take you there!